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"I just wanted to let you know that you have a very wonderful product on your hands.  As a woman of color with natural hair (locs), I first heard about these curlers on a web group for people with locs.  I am also a stylist for women and men with natural hair, and decided to try these curlers after a discussion with one of my clients.  I love them!

  I find that these provide the best roller set for people with locs whose hair might not otherwise be curled by plastic rods and sponge rollers, and the fact that they are so comfortable and allow the hair to dry much more quickly is an added bonus!  I have been very satisfied with the product and will definitely recommend them to my clients and friends.  It was also great to see photos of women of color with natural hair up on the website as examples."

- Naadii Salaam, Owner, Naadiiheadz Natural Hair Care Services

.. our cheer team ADORES your curlers!  They have been amazing for our season... never have fallen curls with these!!   Nicole P.  cheermom

"We have heard wonderful things about your Soft Spikes hair curlers from our cheer squad!"
Mission Viejo Pee Wee Blue...Morgot Bolourirad

"Your curlers came highly recommended from the Mission Viejo Cowboys!"
...Coleen M. Ludvigson

"...these curlers have been the answer to my prayers! Yes, they truly are the 'best thing since sliced bread!'"
...Julie Milner

"What a marvelous idea this is-cute and functional and comfortable! I'm so glad you've done this."
...Peggy Popp

"I have seen girls with these and couldn't wait to get some for my daughter!"
...Brooke Boaman

"I already have some of your curlers and I LOVE them! I tell all my friends to use them instead of those foamy plastic kinds."
...Emilie Presnall


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