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Soft Spikes

Curly Hair Styles
The Original Soft Spikes Hair Curlers
Accept no Imitations!


Soft Spike Hair Curlers are the Original self-locking hair curlers. Designed with a self-locking loop that will not slip out. Our curlers can handle all types of hair, including heavier locs.

Soft Spikes Curlers:
- Don't absorb moisture or hair products
- Are easy to clean
- Will not dry out your hair
- Will not damage your hair
- Soft and comfortable to sleep in
- Simpler to use then imitation Soft Spikes Curlers

Soft Spikes generates the best curly hair styles and locs around and is a leader in the area of curly hair products. Soft Spikes makes it easy for you to have the georgeous curls and locs you want whether it's for Cheerleading, Irish Dancing, Prom, or your daily style. Count on Soft Spikes Hair Curlers to give you a curl that won't quit!

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